Is Robert Mueller Corrupt?

Why is he still hounding our President when the Report is NO Collusion? 

Is The FBI Is Bias?

Fake Dossier. Really

Billions in cash to Iran ~ No Investigation?

Thousands of Deleted Emails By Hillary

No Investigation?

20 % of US Uranium to Russia?

(did you get money with that deal?)

Really? ( Bill and Hillary did)

Come On ( sounds like CRAP to ME and America) (FISA)

We don't need this Crap.





Nancy Who?

Republicans (really) Support him.

When you are in a Hole ~~ Stop digging.

Get off my president.

I Like him.


Donald Trump is doing Great things for the USA.

We the Americans, voted him in.

We Like him.

He knows what he is doing.

(just think what he (we) could accomplish with FULL SUPPORT)




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